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edie brickell and new bohemians

This collection contain shows by new bohemians (pre march 1988) and edie brickell and new bohemians (march 1988- present)

this has been the general taping policy of edie brickell and new bohemians:

the band allows audience taping for personal private non-commercial use by its' fans..... venues may have different policies but tapers who arrive early enough may be able to get a band member to intervene with the venue and allow them to tape...... tapers should not interfere with crew members or venue personel and should not interfere with other audience members enjoyment of the show....

Live Music Archive
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edie brickell and new bohemians
by edie brickell and new bohemians
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New Bohemians 1988-08-12 Club dada Dallas TX set 1 d1t01. Little Miss S d1t02. Daylike d1t03. Sure to Fall d1t04. Wheel d1t05. Nothing d1t06. Beat the Time d1t07. Don't Sweat It d1t08. I'm Lost set2 d2t01. Wasteaway d2t02. Other Side of Town d2t03. Band record giveaways    + d2t04. Love Like We Do > d2t05. Keep Coming Back d2t06. Gave Up On You d2t07. Whatever You Do d2t08. What I Am d2t09. Now d2t10. Wicked set3 d3t01. Doctor d3t02. Get Up d3t03. She d3t04. I Spy d3t05. Dog ? d3t06....
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